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About Flaretot® Professional
Flaretot® Professional is an integrated flare software solution for all aspects of flare design. This software is developed and compiled by 4 engineers with combined total over 100 years of experience in flare system design, fabrication and operation.

Some of the key features of Flaretot® Professional are:
  • a powerful graphic interface to define the flare piping network
  • includes piping class management and pipe sizing to meet project standards
  • Comprehensive and clear case management from individual relief loads through to flare system load scenarios.
  • fully customisable engineering units throughout all calculations
  • 10 integrated calculation modules for associated flare system and equipment calculations comprising Flare radiation, atmospheric dispersion, relief case load calculations and relief valve sizing, vessel depressurisation (blowdown), flare knockout drum design, structural steel temperature rise from flare radiation, physical properties calculator, noise calculations, purge gas requirements and a unit conversion module.
  • a component based EOS physical property simulator for generation of all required properties and VLE

  • Flaretot® Professional is designed using a compact efficient C++ code base without using cumbersome and quirky 3rd party interfaces, so it provides a fast & stable software solution. It does not require excessive amounts of computing power or memory despite the extensive use of rigorous modelling.

    In contrast to traditional solutions using multiple packages for flare design, Flaretot® Professional uses extensive data linking from the piping network simulation through to the calculation modules. It is therefore easy to prepare calculations for all flare system load cases (e.g. design and turndown case) without transcribing data. This approach minimises man-hours (design & checking), project delays while calculations are being prepared and potential costly transcription errors and project rework. Since constant revisions to the flare system throughout the life of a project are inevitable as designs are finalised, data linking becomes even more beneficial.

    The Flaretot® Professional design concentrates on rigorous calculations by using comprehensive user interfaces, with immediate feedback during data entry for invalid data. Integral lookup libraries and data estimates from industry standard values are provided to reduce man-hours required to determine these values. Mechanical design estimates and piping class support allow even study projects to approach detailed design, thus reducing changes and rework as a project progresses.

    Flaretot® Professional has been designed for expeditious design implementation by engineers with a minimum of training or experience, while using codes and standards in conjunction or parallel with sound engineering principles and rigorous calculations.

    As well as comprehensive help files, tutorials are provided for user training which can be run independently of Flaretot® Professional, reducing Flaretot user orientation man-hours required.

    Flaretot® Professional also takes the approach of visibility of intermediate calculation steps in output results rather than a black box approach. This focus of awareness of intermediate values and procedures can help prevent garbage in = garbage out (i.e. use of inappropriate procedures or values even though these are checked internally for appropriateness by Flaretot). This approach helps with the auditing process and allows a building of understanding and experience in the user.

    Flaretot® Professional is the complete flare package for all your flare system requirements.

    If you would like to know more details on Flaretot® Professional, you can find more on the in product details page or download the product specification sheet.

Product Specifications
If you would like to know more about Flaretot® Professional, please download our product specification sheet.

Trial Version
If you would like to try Flaretot before obtaining a licence, a trial version is available which can be used for 30 days without charge.

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